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Kieran Toohey - Thursday, July 10, 2014

Amateur home beer brewers will have the opportunity to have their prized concoctions take pride of place next to the major beer brands, as part of The Spotted Cow’s unprecedented competition launched today.

Starting now, amateur brewers from throughout Australia have six months to craft their beer before the judging sessions just prior to Christmas.

Winners will be announced for five categories of craft beer: Stout, New World Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Imperial India Pale Ale, and Special Ale.

According to competition founder Phil Coorey the Special Ale division will hold particular interest among what he calls the “craft beer nerds”.

“The Special Ale competition is a chance for the brewers to express themselves in a way we could not possibly imagine and they’re producing some of the beers we’re seeing from lots of brewers these days,” Mr Coorey said.

The five winning brews of beer will be showcased at the 2015 Milking the Cow Beer Festival in Toowoomba.

“Each beer will be featured at The Spotted Cow Hotel and sold during the three-day Beer Festival along with unprecedented marketing support,” Mr Coorey said.

“We’ll have a gala event where each of the beers will be matched with the menu, and we will also host a round table discussion where the brewers will get the opportunity to talk about how they came up with their winning brews.”

The December judging sessions will allow the winning brewers plenty of time to have their products professionally made ahead of the Milking the Cow Festival of Beer in early June.

“The home brewers I know are very passionate,” Mr Coorey said. “I taste lots of samples from home brewers and they are very proud of their beers as they are making their beers with quality ingredients. That’s why I can’t wait to get these beers down here and serve them.”

The cost of entry is just $5.00.

Home Brewers are encouraged to register for the event by contacting Phil Coorey at the Spotted Cow on phil@spottedcow.com.au or phone on (07) 4639 3264.