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Phil Coorey - Friday, May 13, 2011

McLaren Vale is home to an abundance of epicurean delights. It’s also home to one of Australia’s most remarkable new beers.
Vale Ale is a vivacious, fruity ale with a burnished gold aura and a fine haze. It opens with the glistening aroma of hops harmonised with a hint of passionfruit.These notes strike a chord with an air of nutty maltiness followed by a soft bitterness. Culminating in a surprising dry finish, Vale Ale is perfect for slaking a summer’s thirst.

Appearance: Cloudy from bottle conditioning with live yeast cells. Golden/copper colour.
Aroma: Boiled lollies.
Flavour: floral, fruity. Medium body and bitterness.


Pale - sweet malty flavour
Wheat - Mouth feel and ‘palate fullness’
Crystal - Caramalised flavour and imparts golden colour.


Super Alpha - soft bitterness
Amarillo - passionfruit grapefruit
Cascade - spicy, citrusy.

What can one say about this beer, that has not been said already. jeff Wright is meticulous in his preparation of this beer and it shows. Voted as the top drop in Australia by the drinkers at the mighty Local Taphouse establishments , it deserves every accolade it gets. We are excited to showcase this beer next month , but also we can't wait for you to meet the guys from MV Beer as well.

Next up - Stone and Wood Pacific Ale - the critics choice!!!

Take care,

Phil Coorey