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Hi, I'm your new craft beer for the festival...

Phil Coorey - Thursday, May 12, 2011

This is the first in a series of posts detailing some of the super rare and sought after beers we are showcasing at the festival

MONA Saison


Located on site at the Museum of Old and New Art…The Mona brewery is set to develop a range of entertaining and challenging beers.  Seasonals and limited production runs will characterize how we present, and if a beer is received well enough (or more importantly, we like it) we’ll do it again.  In keeping with making it hard to get, and making you pay more, the beers will only be available at Mona for the time being.


Historically, saison (French for season) was not a type or style of beer.   It was a family of special beers that were brewed throughout the Wallonia region of southern Belgium, with a concentration in the Hinaut province bordering France. It is not known when the first modern saison was brewed and thus, the origin of the style is tied to local agriculture than a headline event.  In the days before refrigeration, farmers around the region would gather at the village brewery or a communal brewery several times during the winter to brew saison in order to have a reserve for the following summer.  Fermenting during the colder winter months improved the beer’s chances of making it through spring without becoming infected.  During the summer harvest, farms hired casual labor known as “les saisonniers”, or seasonal workers.  These workers were served saison to quench their thirst.  Beer, because it was boiled during its production, was considered by some as possibly safer than the local water supply.  Saison was brewed with nourishing botanicals, spices and hops to rejuvenate workers during the long, hot days of summer.


Following WWI, casual farm labor was slowly being replaced by progressive mechanized technologies and the need for small farmhouse breweries began fading away.  Imported beer from England and Germany also began to influence the saison style.  Consumer’s craved a “softer” saison and hop bitterness replaced the sourness found in the original saisons.  The color went from the classic orange to amber and further onto the common pale colored beers of today.  Improvements in brewery equipment and production techniques helped to reduce the risk of infection, allowing production all year round.  The modern interpretation of the Saison beer style had emerged. 


Saison can be described as earthy, rustic, fruity as well as spicy.  These characteristics are generally driven by the yeast strain, but can also be accentuated by the addition of botanicals and spices.  Saison yeast strains do not develop the typical clove like characteristics that other Belgian yeast strains are capable of, but develop spicy, peppery phenolics.  Saisons are highly attenuated, providing a dry finish with little or no residual sweetness.  They tend to be more highly hopped than other Belgian styles with an emphasis on hop flavor and aroma.  The color tends to be pale (modern saison) or having an orange hue (classic saison). They are often said to have ‘vinous’ qualities as well, originating from the blending of yeast strains that was a common practice among the early farmhouse breweries (as well as the proximity to the wine country of northern France).


Brewed by the Moo Brew team in the Mona brewery, this Saison is a unique Tasmanian interpretation of the style.  The intention is not to imitate or indulge in iconoclasm, but to pay homage and interpret the style with inspiration.   Traditional floor malted Bohemian Pilsner malt from Germany, representing the oldest form of malted barley, provides the base malt of this beer.  The use of raw spelt seeks to follow the farmhouse tradition of including raw grains in the grist.  The origin of the yeast strain is reputed to be a small garage brewery in Blaugies, Belgium, focused on the revival of the saisons brewed previously in the region.  Bushy Park north of Hobart provides us with a tangible link to the local seasonal agricultural roots of the classic Saison. 


This 2011 interpretation of an iconic style is medium bodied and pale orange in appearance. With a complex flavor profile developed by the yeast creating esters balanced with spicy earthiness.  It finishes slightly tart with a peppery dryness.


 This is the only keg that has been sent to Queensland and the Spotted Cow are proud to have it - it will be showcased on Day 2 of the festival from midday.

Please email Phil at phil@spottedcow.com.au - if you require any more information






Best Bottleshop in QLD!

Phil Coorey - Friday, November 12, 2010

For the second time in three years the Spotted Cow bottle shop (on the corner of Bridge and Mary Sts) was announced as the best in Queensland by the QHA (Queensland Hotels Association)

The first time was very humbling - this is borderline insane now!

I'd like to take this moment to thank everyone who are great supporters of all things The Spotted Cow and would like to re-iterate that we would not win this award if it was not for our customers.

I can't just go and stock 400 beers and leave them sit on the shelf while I watch Red Sox games and episodes of Mad Men. I need people to buy them and support us to keep the place fresh and alive.

The support for the boutique wineries and spirit selection as well is the another key reason why we won this award.  

If you would have told me a week ago that we would this award and that Greg Inglis would be playing for Souths - I would have told you , that you were nuts!

Anyway - thanks once again for your support and watch this space for some huge specials soon - leading into Christmas.

Take care

Phil Coorey 

Christmas is Around the Corner

Phil Coorey - Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sorry that I have not updated in a while - I just could not be bothered.

Seriously, it has been crazy busy at the Cow and moving on through the next few months we are preparing for a few key events that might interest you...

  1. Darren Lehman and Damian Fleming Cricket Dinner

    Over the past 20 years, plenty of arguments have been had in plenty of pubs about Australia's cricketers.

    Best bowler: Warne or McGrath? Best batsmen: Waugh or Ponting? Best keeper: Healy or Gilchrist?

    Best bloke, funniest player, the one you'd most like to have a beer with: Darren Lehmann or Damien Fleming?

    And because we couldn't split them, we've decided to invite both of them -- and you -- to The Spotted Cow for an evening to remember.

    Not only are Lehmann and Fleming two of Australia's most respected players, they are insightful and expert commentators, and even more expert story-tellers.

    Kick off your Ashes summer here at the hotel on November 23,

    two days before the Gabba test, with Boof and Flem.

    Tickets are $125 each or $1200 for a table of ten and includes an

    all inclusive package of alcohol and enough food to keep you

    going for the night. 

    Proudly supported by Yalumba and Fosters - this promises not to

    be a night you can afford to miss.


Phil Coorey - Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thanks to Cellarbrations being a tad more aggressive in the fine wine market we can finally offer amazing deals on wines that makes Dan Murphy's and First Choice sit up and take notice.

Here is a list of some of the amazing deals we have right now :

  1. Evan's and Tate Margaret River Shiraz - Usually $22.99 now $13 per bottle (in a six pack buy!)

  2. Bollinger NV Cuvee Brut - Usually $120 per bottle now you can buy 2 for $140 (or $79.99 each)

  3. Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc - Usually $40 per bottle now $50 for a 2 bottle buy (this is selling like hotcakes - most people are buying six bottles here minimum)

  4. Orlando St Hugo - Usually $50 per bottle - now $28 per bottle in a six bottle buy - I saw this on special today at Dan's for $29.90. This is the best value Cabernet in the country right now - seriously insane.

  5. Rounding out the top 5 is big Sammy Adams. The greatest beer from America's greatest city is usually over $100 per case but we have 14 cartons available at the amazing price of $60!! Why am I even doing this special? Boston are going to miss the playoffs anyway!!

Anyway - stay tuned for more great deals soon

Next will be the line up of amazing events coming up at the Cow. It's pretty impressive...


Phil Coorey - Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We all know now that Cape Mentelle has been one of the driving forces behind the continued success of Margaret River. They perfected the Semillon Sauvignon Blanc blend and have one of the best Cabernet's in Australia. Recently it has been the Shiraz that has continued to excel...

This reputation was enhanced recently when the 2007 vintage picked up a string of gold medals across the country and an amazing 5 trophies in the last twelve months.

This wine is usually $44 at the bottle shop and I saw it on special last month at Dan Murphy's for $31.50 (29.90 in a six pack buy)

Well to celebrate South Sydney's incredible comeback on Saturday night I am offering you this wine for $26.99 or ($25 per bottle in a six pack buy)


Get your orders in quick as this the best $25 wine on the market right now by a country mile.

This is the first great deal in our ten part series celebrating ten years of the Spotted Cow Cellars - there will be another great deal in a fortnight.

Feel free to pass this on to your friends and family as it is a truly remarkable price.

Call me 0409 349 889 or email at phil@spottedcow.com.au for orders

Phil Coorey

A Grandstand Finish to 2010

Phil Coorey - Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've been working hard behind the scenes at the Cow and have some wonderful announcements to make with regards to future events here.

Weekend of September 17, 18 and 19 at the Ergon Energy Flower Food & Wine Festival

We will be hosting a Little Creatures area which will include all of their beers from Freemantle as well as the White Rabbit range from Victoria. What's better the brewery is sending up some of the brewers to take you through the beers. They are keen to have a beer on Friday night at the Cow otherwise you can catch up at the festival with them on Saturday and Sunday as they take any and all questions you might have on the beers - whats better - there will be free samples to help you make the right choice of beer on the day.

October 6 - Henschke Dinner at the Cow featuring the immortal Brett West

Do I really need to say much here?? It is one of the top 5 wineries in the country and they make the best single site Shiraz in Australia.

Interest in this event is at all time high and only 80 seats are available - please book early to avoid disappointment

November 23 - Damien Fleming and Darren Lehman at the Cow

The boys are coming up, two days before the first Ashes test in Brisbane to get everyone's juices flowing for what will be the most interesting summer of Cricket in Australia since the last Ashes...

Tickets will sell quickly to this so move fast as only 140 at the most will be available and interest is at a Viv like high.

Lots more news later this week - time for an RSS feed maybe? Or Twitter or more facebook

Just what the world needs - more Phil Coorey

Take Care

This won’t stop the Spotted Cow

Phil Coorey - Friday, July 30, 2010

Most of our loyal customers this week are at Splendour in the Grass but this won’t stop the Spotted Cow – it will only make us stronger as we move away from winter into Summer already it seems.

It was illegal for most people to drink here the last time Australia won the Bledisloe cup but that won’t stop people from trying to find a way to see if Australia can win 3 out of 4 games this year and regain it.

Tomorrow’s game has been moved from Etuhad Stadium to Wet and Wild as the surface was deemed to be safer for the players.

Come down from 7pm Saturday night to see all the action.

Phil Coorey

As far back as I can remember...

Phil Coorey - Tuesday, July 27, 2010

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster”
Remember that quote from Goodfellas?

Well, that is how I feel about live music at the Cow…

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to have original live music at the Cow. We have only had two gigs at the Cow so far, but they have been an absolute blast.
Friday night saw us host a couple of bands from Brisbane (Transvall Diamond Syndicate and Bertie Page Clinic) as well as Toowoomba’s own One Dirty Bird. And much like the first gig at the Cow, it was a roaring success with a great crowd showing up and supporting all three bands with much enthusiasm.
I had fun hosting the guys and can’t wait to get them all back up – plus between sets I get to play music for once and can show off the fabulous Titus Andronicus album The Monitor when I feel like it!!

The Brendan Fevola Dinner is this week and there are still tickets available, Nicole has put together another crackerjack menu with our famous prawns platter to kick off proceedings followed by the a prime rib that is bigger than my ego.
Tickets are $120 each and proceeds will be going to the Spotted Cow as always as well as a charity to help fund injured Souths players including Dave Taylor who just went down for the count on the weekend as well.

The election campaign is going well – I am pretty sure I will have no problems of getting to 400 beers by August 21– maybe if I don’t get over 400 beers, I should give something back to the people of Toowoomba.

First Blog Post

Phil Coorey - Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi and welcome to my first blog post at the Spotted Cow. With so much going on at the Cow this year at the bottle shop and the pub I feel this might be my best level of communication to my millions of fans, I mean customers (sorry I always get these two mixed up – damn ego)
We almost changed the name of the bottleshop from Celebrations at the Spotted Cow to Phil Coorey’s, but we didn’t want anyone getting us mixed up with Dan Murphy’s so decided to just stick with the old name. But rumour has it that Dans considered renaming themselves Dropkick Murphy’s until they realised the name was taken…
Anyway, we have come up with a crazy idea…320 beers just is not enough – so by August 21st we will have 400 beers in stock – that is an election promise to you that I guarantee to full fill.

In the last 2 weeks we have added some amazing beers from the following breweries;

1 - Renaissance from Marlborough , NZ – these guys are crazy so we had no choice but to get behind them and support the cause. The first batch we got in sold out but we have more coming in as I type this…

“Renaissance Brewing was formed in 2005 by American brothers-in-laws Andy Deuchers and Brian Thiel. They set about creating a craft brewery based upon traditional methods, many involving the hands on approach to brewing which is sadly missing in many automated breweries today. They mash in by hand with paddles and rakes just like brewers used to do in the 18th century. They use a traditional English single step infusion mash, source locally produced malt and hops and ferment with traditional Ale yeast strains to produce Ales of character and distinction. They even import peated distilling malt from Scotland for their flagship brew, Stonecutter Scotch Ale.”

It is as awesome as it looks - the Scotch ale one day will be on tap at the Cow.

2 - Anderson Valley is the best thing to come out of California since Beulah and we are very excited that is has finally arrived after much anticipation and exceptional reviews that I kept reading about on Beer Advocate…
We grabbed about ten of their beers including the 20th anniversary IPA, and their Belgian Style Triple and Double. Might be some glassware coming for these as well.

3 - Rogue - damn these guys are good - in case you have been living under a rock we have been stocking these guys for a while now but they keep sending out new beers with each delivery. We also have them on tap for a very limited time including the world famous Dead Guy Ale.

New beers that they have sent include the John John Dead Guy, Menage a Frog and the classic Single Malt Ale. I know what you are thinking…How do we keep up with these guys???

Anyway – that’s enough from the bottle shop – you’ll know when we reach 400.