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Kieran Toohey - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

In 1908, a young Frank Coorey ventured to Redfern Oval  in Sydney with his father Anthony to watch the South Sydney Rabbitohs’ first ever top-grade Rugby League outing.

In 1971, Frank’s son Michael was on hand to watch the Rabbitohs win their last premiership.

“I love them that much that after a couple of years into my marriage, my beautiful wife Dianne she said to me, I think you actually love South Sydney more than you love me. I said you’re right but I love you more than I love the Roosters,” Michael Coorey said.

“We’re all very nervous but I guess we’ll see how it goes.”

The Coorey family were together for the last game at Redfern Oval in 1987, and celebrated like never before when their beloved Rabbitohs were once again installed in the NRL for the 2002 season. 

It’s history likes this which explains why The Spotted Cow Hotel Toowoomba manager Phillip Coorey has red and green running through his veins, and this week is like no other he has experienced before.

At 39 years old, Phillip has never experienced a Grand Final week involving his beloved South Sydney. It is new territory.

This Sunday night his parents Michael and Dianne along with two of his three younger brothers Frank and Andrew will be on-hand to watch South Sydney aim for glory against the Canterbury Bulldogs.

Despite many ticket offers, Phillip has decided to remain in Toowoomba to celebrate the match with his second family – The Spotted Cow Hotel patrons.

“There is going to be a week of celebrations at the Cow, I have waited my whole life for this,” Phillip Coorey said.

“The Coorey family, like many other families, is very passionate about South Sydney and when we came to Toowoomba in 1995 that didn’t change one little bit.”

In fact, Phil’s six-year-old twin daughters, Victoria and Eleanor, are already club members, taking the Coorey & Rabbitohs dynasty into a fifth generation.

“Win, lose or draw on Sunday, the family tradition of supporting the Bunnies will live on.”

The Spotted Cow Grand Final day celebrations will start at midday when the doors open.

“For those long-suffering Bunnies supporters, and anyone else who wants to be Red and Green for the day, come down and celebrate this magic day with me,” Mr Coorey said.

“It’s going to be a great day no matter what, but I really do hope this story has a happy ending.”