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Phil Coorey - Friday, June 03, 2011

The Spotted Cow’s inaugural beer festival this June long weekend will feature a limited release VALE/COW brewed just for the Spotted Cow Hotel in Toowoomba, by McLaren Vale Beer Company head brewer Jeff Wright.

Spotted Cow owner Phil Coorey said “this is what craft brewing is all about”.

“I love telling customers that we have a beer being made for us only,” Phil said. “Craft beer is all about uniqueness and this takes that to a whole new level.

“Craft beer is hard to define for some. It’s growing at a rapid rate in Australia and is still a new idea to many.”

Phil said the project came about with the help of Ross Kenrick (creator of the fabulous Double Ninja beer that will also be at the festival) at Baccus Brewing in Brisbane. Jeff Wright was able to drop by on his May tour of Queensland with East Coast Marketing Manager Josh Stuart and make a supercharged India Pale Ale especially for the Spotted Cow.

To be known as VALE/COW it will only available in an extremely limited supply over the weekend.

“A chance like this doesn’t come along very often so we grabbed it,” Phil said.

So what does it taste like?

“We got excited and crammed plenty of hops in there and wanted to make a beer that would satisfy what the Cow was looking for, for their festival’s patrons,” Jeff Wright said.

“Phil assured me that they live on the edge, so we took our beer out there and think it will be a real highlight set amongst the 50 beers they are launching on tap the June long weekend.”