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First Blog Post

Phil Coorey - Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi and welcome to my first blog post at the Spotted Cow. With so much going on at the Cow this year at the bottle shop and the pub I feel this might be my best level of communication to my millions of fans, I mean customers (sorry I always get these two mixed up – damn ego)
We almost changed the name of the bottleshop from Celebrations at the Spotted Cow to Phil Coorey’s, but we didn’t want anyone getting us mixed up with Dan Murphy’s so decided to just stick with the old name. But rumour has it that Dans considered renaming themselves Dropkick Murphy’s until they realised the name was taken…
Anyway, we have come up with a crazy idea…320 beers just is not enough – so by August 21st we will have 400 beers in stock – that is an election promise to you that I guarantee to full fill.

In the last 2 weeks we have added some amazing beers from the following breweries;

1 - Renaissance from Marlborough , NZ – these guys are crazy so we had no choice but to get behind them and support the cause. The first batch we got in sold out but we have more coming in as I type this…

“Renaissance Brewing was formed in 2005 by American brothers-in-laws Andy Deuchers and Brian Thiel. They set about creating a craft brewery based upon traditional methods, many involving the hands on approach to brewing which is sadly missing in many automated breweries today. They mash in by hand with paddles and rakes just like brewers used to do in the 18th century. They use a traditional English single step infusion mash, source locally produced malt and hops and ferment with traditional Ale yeast strains to produce Ales of character and distinction. They even import peated distilling malt from Scotland for their flagship brew, Stonecutter Scotch Ale.”

It is as awesome as it looks - the Scotch ale one day will be on tap at the Cow.

2 - Anderson Valley is the best thing to come out of California since Beulah and we are very excited that is has finally arrived after much anticipation and exceptional reviews that I kept reading about on Beer Advocate…
We grabbed about ten of their beers including the 20th anniversary IPA, and their Belgian Style Triple and Double. Might be some glassware coming for these as well.

3 - Rogue - damn these guys are good - in case you have been living under a rock we have been stocking these guys for a while now but they keep sending out new beers with each delivery. We also have them on tap for a very limited time including the world famous Dead Guy Ale.

New beers that they have sent include the John John Dead Guy, Menage a Frog and the classic Single Malt Ale. I know what you are thinking…How do we keep up with these guys???

Anyway – that’s enough from the bottle shop – you’ll know when we reach 400.