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Aussie Rock Icon Weekend at the Cow

Phil Coorey - Friday, October 12, 2012

The memories for the last 20 years are there for fans of all ages of Frenzal Rhomb and Reguritator. Whether it be at a legendary Big Day Our appearance, nights spent in front of the TV watching the "band in the bubble" or a famous pub gig that only you and your friends were at amongst a lucky few, we all have great memories of these two special bands.

In what is either a stroke of luck, co-incidence or a calculated plan to celebrate 90's nostalgia - the Spotted Cow has somehow managed to host both these bands on consecutive nights on Friday, October 19 (Frenzal Rhomb) and Saturday, October 20 (Regurgitator).

It's a call to the glory days when Generations X and Y could mix and not reach for their smartphones during moments of uncomfortable silence, when the cigarette lighters came out instead of a cameras, when beer choices were limited to maybe 1 or 2 selections (the Spotted Cow has some explaining here to do as well!) .

Two nights of mayhem, memories, check ins and hash tags. Next thing you know bands like Tumbleweed and the Datsuns will be waltzing through the door...

Tickets are still available but selling well. Contact the Spotted Cow or visit oztix for details.