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A Grandstand Finish to 2010

Phil Coorey - Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've been working hard behind the scenes at the Cow and have some wonderful announcements to make with regards to future events here.

Weekend of September 17, 18 and 19 at the Ergon Energy Flower Food & Wine Festival

We will be hosting a Little Creatures area which will include all of their beers from Freemantle as well as the White Rabbit range from Victoria. What's better the brewery is sending up some of the brewers to take you through the beers. They are keen to have a beer on Friday night at the Cow otherwise you can catch up at the festival with them on Saturday and Sunday as they take any and all questions you might have on the beers - whats better - there will be free samples to help you make the right choice of beer on the day.

October 6 - Henschke Dinner at the Cow featuring the immortal Brett West

Do I really need to say much here?? It is one of the top 5 wineries in the country and they make the best single site Shiraz in Australia.

Interest in this event is at all time high and only 80 seats are available - please book early to avoid disappointment

November 23 - Damien Fleming and Darren Lehman at the Cow

The boys are coming up, two days before the first Ashes test in Brisbane to get everyone's juices flowing for what will be the most interesting summer of Cricket in Australia since the last Ashes...

Tickets will sell quickly to this so move fast as only 140 at the most will be available and interest is at a Viv like high.

Lots more news later this week - time for an RSS feed maybe? Or Twitter or more facebook

Just what the world needs - more Phil Coorey

Take Care