Our bottle shop was announced at the Queensland Hoteliers Association awards as being the best in the state for 2008. At first I thought the judges were voting out of sympathy for me as the Red Sox had just been knocked out of the playoffs on Monday and the depression had not gone. Then I realised they made this decision weeks ago and didn't probably care about baseball anyway!

The official judge’s verdict was that they were very impressed with our extensive range of beers, wines and spirits. They were also impressed by our service - which we pride ourselves on. From the minute Dan Murphy’s and First Choice opened we have made a determined decision not to worry about them and only the people who walked in our door. It seems that theory has been successfull.

People asked for more rum so we went from 10 last year to 42 this year. We now have almost 220 different beers and some of the best wines available in this city that no one else would dream of stocking or in many cases be allowed too!!

We refuse to stop looking and constantly are searching for brands and types of alcohol that no one else in Brisbane let alone Toowoomba would consider stocking.

As I said on WIN news tonight the main reason we have this award is all our great customers. So once again I'd like to use this letter to thank everyone who shops at my bottle shop for their continued support.

I feel like we would never have been able to accept this award if we did not have people walking through the door knowing they can get that little something extra out of their shopping experience. We are very grateful for every single person who walks through that door. 

Keep watching this space for some amazing new beers entering the store soon that are going to prove themselves to being extremely rare. (I have people emailing me from Sydney for these beers)

Also keep watching this space for an exclusive tasting session at the bottle shop on us that will be the celebration for the award we just received. What better way to get together -than free wine!!!

Important Dates

November 2 - Melbourne Cup Lunch
November 6 - Penfolds Dinner
November 20 - Moet and Dom Perignon Dinner
December 11 - Cloudy Bay / Cape Mentelle Dinner (Just confirmed!!!)

Contact myself on 0409 349 889 or for any details.

Take care and once again thanks for all your great support

Phil Coorey